Top 5 Tourist Destinations and Activities to do in Phuket, Thailand

chalong temple



Thinking to holiday at an international beach destination? Phuket is your best bet! Undoubtedly, there is so much to experience in Phuket. And by saying so much, it means almost everything, literally; from the uniqueness of beaches and serenity of temples to exquisiteness of the nature and glitz and glamour of the nightlife. All that together mark a prominent place of Phuket in the map of Thailand tourism. With that being said, let’s head out to my compiled list of some popular tourist attractions in Phuket along with top things to do to make your holiday in this best Thailand destination.

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Savour the Spell of Lazing at Kata Beach


Wow!! That will be your first word for sure as you will land on Kata Beach. Hardly ten minutes drive away from the town of Patong, Kata Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Phuket. The long stretch of the beach offers tourists a chance to unwind themselves by lazing on the shore. For others, the beach also has various kinds of activities to do. You can come here for parasailing, surfing, jet skiing, or just swimming. Besides, a number of tourists can also be seen sunbathing. Indeed, a place anyone can fall in love with!

Witness the Masterpiece of The Phuket Big Buddha


Even if you are not a spiritual person, a visit to Phuket Big Buddha is a must! Perched atop the Nakkerd Hills, Phuket Big Buddha is an imposing effigy of Lord Buddha with a height of 45m. Built of white Burmese stone, this statue of Lord Buddha can be spotted from as far as Karon Beach and Phuket Town. The beautiful site of Phuket Big Buddha offers 360-degree vista of the island along with the sweeping sights of Kata Karon, Chalong Bay, Phuket Town, and more landmarks. While visiting the site, the pleasant sound of the tinkling of bells is something that perfectly compliments the peaceful ambiance. If that sounds like a great destination to you then indeed the compelling aura of this place would easily blow away your mind.


Embark a Spiritual Tour to Wat Phra Thong in Phuket


Also known as the Wat Phra Phud, which means the rising Buddha, Wat Phra Thong is one of the most interesting landmarks in Phuket. This is basically a temple which is famous for a half-buried golden effigy of Lord Buddha. Not a tourism place where you can capture some fun-filled memories, but Wat Phra Thong is an attraction where you can get to know so much about the local culture. The temple tells an interesting story of its origin; the Buddha statue at Wat Phra Thong was discovered some 400-years ago by a young local farmer. During that time, the ground where the present temple is located used to be a paddy field. The young boy saw some part of the head of the Buddha (the sharp stick on the top of Buddha’s head) risen up from the ground.

In the Thai culture, the head is considered as the most important part of a body, and thus, the Thai people do not touch anyone’s head. Unaware of the buried statue, the boy tied the rope of the buffalo on that sharp stick-like object (which was actually the upper part of Buddha’s head) that was risen up from the ground. As a result of this, the boy along with the buffaloes died. He later came back in his father’s dream and asked him to find the statue of Lord Buddha under the ground. That’ how the beautiful effigy of Lord Buddha was discovered, and thereafter, the place became the temple.


Seek Some Spirituality at Chalong Temple


Next on the list is the Chalong which one of the most important temples of the island which is also currently serving as a popular tourist destination in Phuket. Built in the early 29th-century, Chalong Temple, also touted as Wat Chalong, boasts an impressive traditional architectural design that houses a 60m high chedi which is known for housing a splinter. The splinter is said to be built from the bones of Lord Buddha, and thus, the temple is one of the most stunning sites to visit in Phuket. Inside the pagoda, one can see the paintings beautifully crafted on the walls that delineate the entire life of Lord Buddha.


A Treat of Nature at Promthep Cape


Probably, Promthep Cape is one of the best hidden gems of Phuket. It is in the southernmost part of the island where people, both locals and tourists, gather to witness the surreal sunset. This is one of the routine chores which is observed here every evening; people from round the world come here and spend some quality time admiring the picturesque surrounding of the place with an exquisite view of sun falling asleep in the backdrop. However, the sunset view all depends on the weather condition. Even if the conditions are not in your favour, you can still choose to be here and stroll around observing nature. Doesn’t that sound a perfect place to be with your partner, especially if you are on a honeymoon trip in Phuket? Trust me, it’s worth travelling here!